Four things email marketers should do to get noticed in their company


Email marketers are pretty awesome people. They are the unsung heroes of digital marketing departments.

And yet, they’re often ignored when bigwigs talk about “digital marketing”, despite email delivering awesome ROI.

So here’s what you, email marketers, should do to get noticed in your company.

First, let’s take stock of what else is happening in a typical digital department.

See, you got the social people, who get all the kudos for crafting a witty tweet, or getting some Likes on Insta.

Then, you got the PPC/SEO people, who enter into an unhealthy relationship with their beau Google, subservient to its whims, but deeply in love with an algorithm.

And of course, let’s not forget the UI/UX people, who built awesome websites, and who often believe they deserve a Nobel prize for doing so.

Read the full article here and get the four – very good – tips!

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