Get The Balance Right: Email Sending Frequency


When does the extra email become one too many? Or are you missing out on opportunities by not sending enough? Frequency is probably the most subjective area in email marketing, with too many email marketers using gut feel rather than hard data. Here’s our advice on frequency and getting the balance right for your business.

Firstly, you should look at the relevancy of your emails and what their value is to your customer. If you only send one email a month and the content is irrelevant to the recipient, then that is one email too many in their eyes. You will achieve some benefits of jolting them into remembering who you are, but each irrelevant email can leave them thinking ‘there’s nothing in these emails for me’.

Over time, these subscribers will stop opening your emails all together as their pre-conceived idea is that they are not for them. If you are thinking of using personalisation and dynamic content to tailor your emails, you’ll need to work hard to encourage in-active subscribers to open and engage with your emails again.

Read the full article on BTC here.

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