How a sports and entertainment venue in Detroit uses email marketing to interact with fans


As the CMO for Palace Sports and Entertainment, Charlie Metzger is charged with bringing a packed house to The Palace of Auburn Hills, home to the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and a regular venue for top performers like Adele, Kanye West and SIA. In his role, Metzger drives a wide range of marketing initiatives.

“I oversee our club’s marketing, our production and programming, our public relations, community relations, what we call ‘brand works’ which is our digital, social, web and email, and retail as well,” says Metzger. “It’s a fantastic job.”


1. Know your audience.

2. Make sure your message is contextually relevant.

3. You have to maintain data — and you have to have it crisp and clean and correct.

According to the CMO, his big picture remains focused on bringing people together in the world, a vision he keeps front and center for his team.

Amy Gesenhues: To start, what role does email marketing play in your overall marketing strategy?

Charlie Metzger: Email marketing plays a vital role with us, and the reason it does is [that] we are in the relationship business.

We have members that have elected to join with us — whether it is a season ticket package with the Pistons, whether it’s the corporate partnerships that they’re investing with us, or whether it is music customers — we segment our lifestyles and our customers.

Relationship marketing, and specifically, email marketing, plays a very important role because, ultimately, we’re moving towards as much as possible one-to-one customization and being able to deliver value to all of those members. Email plays an important role because it’s a great way to keep people, obviously, informed on upcoming events, and to help them navigate through their busy lives.

Read the full interview here.

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