Can Vivaldi’s email client win the browser war?


Developing a web browser apparently isn’t all work and no play, at least not if you’re working on Jon von Tetzchner‘s Vivaldi browser project.

There, both serious, important functionality and more playful, less essential stuff are worked on simultaneously. Both types of technology can find their way into the released product, according to the project’s founder and former Opera CEO von Tetzchner.

Falling into the ‘serious and important’ category are an email client and functionality for synchronizing things such as setup, bookmarks, and notes between several instances of the browser. Both these areas of development are top of the company’s to-do list but, as advanced features, they consume time and resources.

“There are always further developments going on here, and we clearly have an ambition of having a product that doesn’t stand still. We’ll release new and fun stuff every time, but sometimes there are features that require a lot of work,” von Tetzchner tells ZDNet.

“We’re working on a couple of larger projects like the email client and sync, which are hard. We’ll launch them when they’re ready.”

That has been his line ever since he started up the new web browser company in late 2013. Whenever asked when functionality is coming, von Tetzchner always replies, “when it’s ready.”

He is under no pressure from quarterly finance reports and impatient shareholders, and he seems to be very happy with that.

“We really wanted to provide an email client from day one, but it wasn’t ready. You can’t release anything until you feel reasonably safe, and we’ve had some problems. It’s hard to create innovative software,” he says.

Read the full story on ZDNet here.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons.

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