Email Marketing Ideas for Cannabis Companies


Aaron Apple writes for

Setting up and using an email marketing platform for your company is a simple and inexpensive process that, if done correctly, can generate long-term repeat customers. Since the recipients of your emails have opted in to receive them, email marketing speaks directly to a loyal audience that wants to hear from you. This holds true for any industry, but in the cannabis industry specifically it is important to build loyal customers now before the market in your area gets even more competitive.

Creating or compiling content that is enticing to your subscribers is the most important part of the equation, otherwise you may lose them via the unsubscribe button. Serving your subscribers good content on a regular basis will keep your company in their mind while making purchasing decisions. Established companies usually have marketing budgets and, in many cases, will hire an agency to manage their various marketing channels including email. This guide, however, assumes you will be building your email strategy & managing your campaigns in-house.

What should your email newsletter contain?
Put yourself in the shoes of your average customer: what would entice you to read an email newsletter each week from a dispensary, grower, medical clinic, or B2B service provider? Good original content will help you build your brand, and will increase the odds that people will remember you when making purchasing decisions. If that means you need to hire a copywriter on an ongoing basis, then invest in a good one to help you get your point across most effectively.

Read the full article with the tips and ideas here.

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