The Words That Work In Subject Lines


Short subjects, long subjects with prices, just couple of words and an emoji. The email marketing world is full of advice — particularly on subject lines — but as with all knowledge, it’s not always backed up by fact. A lot of wisdom is based on gut feel and what people feel has worked in the past. Thus it’s always useful to look at the findings of an email marketing provider who can back up what they are saying with detailed research.

That’s what the guys at Fractl have done by looking at more than 26,000 emails to see which words gave increases n open rates compared to others in a field or category.

A couple of clear things jumped off the page at them. First of all, as we all know people like to imagine and ‘see’ something as you paint a picture for them. Hence, visual words, such as “image” and “size” saw an uplift of around 20%. It’s the same for geography. If you can tag in an email line where the person is, or to where your email refers, open rates go up. Out of interest, the term UK gets an uplift of 22%. The research attributes this to people liking that their emails have been personalised and summed around their geography.

In the age-old debate over word length, the researchers point out that the best performers in their study average out at around 10 words. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Like underwear, long enough to cover what needs to be covered, but short enough to be interesting!

Read the full article at MediaPost here.

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