Six Ways To Improve Your Email Campaign Deliverability


You have created a great looking email, worked hard on getting the graphics right and ensured that your email looks good on all devices. Wouldn’t it be a pity if it was not delivered to your subscribers’ inbox and ended up in their spam folder instead?

Deliverability is a hot topic for email marketers. Email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook are constantly innovating on how to provide the most productive email inbox to their users, as this is a very competitive market.

Email marketers are constantly puzzled on how to take advantage of the latest technology and more importantly on how to avoid having their nicely crafted emails being automatically sent to the Promotions or the Spam folder.

Here are six tips to improve your delivery:

  • Carefully crafted subject lines: Keep them simple and short and try to convey the content of the email and the most important call to action within it if possible.
  • Be consistent with email sender information: The “from” address and the name are necessary. Frequent changes will mean less trust, reputation, and recognition from your subscribers.
  • Keep subject line and email content consistency: Use consistent copy throughout the body of your email and be simplistic and clear on your call to action.
  • Keep (A/B) testing: Try different subject lines, calls to action and opening paragraphs. Test to find the optimal combination for your users
  • Use incentives: Offering incentives to keep subscribers engaged can be very rewarding in the long term and especially in the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Segment and personalize: Providing a more personalized experience to specific segments of your email list will improve deliverability as your subscribers are more likely to engage with your email campaigns.

Read the full article here.

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