Five Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Build Today


As impressive as email is, it can quickly become prohibitively time-consuming. Imagine having to personally draft, send, and respond to each situation.

Email lends itself to effective automation more than any other medium. Once you create a series, it can go out an infinite number of times without you having to lift a finger. It’s quietly executing 24/7 and within minutes of its trigger action. You’ll never miss another opportunity to nurture, impress, respond, or engage again.

And because it’s in response to a particular trigger and modern tools attach the recipient’s name, it’s a personalized campaign. Customers don’t want blast messages sent out to tens of thousands. They want a message for them at that moment.

Automated email marketing is timely, personalized, and relevant. That’s why.

  • Personalized subject lines see a 26% higher open rate.
  • Write with readability and scannability in mind, as many people just glance at content.
  • Using a CTA button instead of a link can improve click-throughs by 28%.
  • Segment your list in ways that work for you.
  • Split testing is not just for ads and landing pages.

Read the full article in SearchEngine Journal here.

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