How Will Email Marketing Change in 2017?

Business team working at a desk on computers.

As local marketers begin putting together their strategies for the coming year, one thing is clear: Acquisition is out, and awareness is in. That’s according to the results of a new survey released by the email marketing firm Campaigner.

In a survey of more than 500 email marketers, Campaigner found that the top email marketing challenge in 2016 was increasing open rates, followed by creating compelling content and earning new subscribers. Although attracting new customers ranked as the number one marketing goal for marketers in the survey, a shift toward other marketing strategies is currently taking place. Nine percent fewer marketers selected customer acquisition as a top goal for 2017 compared to 2016, while goals like increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty quickly moved up the charts.

It’s something worth watching for those in the industry, particularly because marketers rely on their ability to measure results—whether through conversions or ROI — to validate the latest trends and technologies.

Although building a customer base will always be important for local marketers, many of the tools they’ve been given to help achieve that goal — like ‘Buy Now’ buttons—have been seen as ineffective. According to Campaigner’s survey, 72% of marketers say they haven’t seen any sales as a direct result of ‘Buy Now’ buttons on social media, and 25% fewer marketers are using them today compared to this time last year.

Read the full article here.

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