Four things email marketers should do to get noticed in their company


Email marketers are pretty awesome people. They are the unsung heroes of digital marketing departments.

And yet, they’re often ignored when bigwigs talk about “digital marketing”, despite email delivering awesome ROI.

So here’s what you, email marketers, should do to get noticed in your company.

First, let’s take stock of what else is happening in a typical digital department.

See, you got the social people, who get all the kudos for crafting a witty tweet, or getting some Likes on Insta.

Then, you got the PPC/SEO people, who enter into an unhealthy relationship with their beau Google, subservient to its whims, but deeply in love with an algorithm.

And of course, let’s not forget the UI/UX people, who built awesome websites, and who often believe they deserve a Nobel prize for doing so.

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Email Fans Engaged and More and More Mobile


The well known Mark Twain quip — “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” — can now be used to describe what’s happening with email.

Yes, email has taken a beating in the last decade as social media and mobile took off like rockets. But in fact, email remains “a growing, go-to channel for marketers.”

That’s substantiated by a new eMarketer report entitled “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2016: Relevancy, Frequency, Deliverability and Mobility.”

The report notes, however, that for email to engender success, marketers must analyze how and why mobile use, increases in message volume and frequency, and data-driven relevancy impact performance.

Corroborating evidence for the effectiveness of email is a June, 2016 survey of U.S. marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric. The survey confirmed that email had a median ROI of 122 percent — more than four times higher than other marketing formats examined, including social media, direct mail, and paid search.

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