What Email Marketers Can Do to Stop Unsubscribes


Consumers say providing an option to receive emails less frequently is the most effective thing marketers can do to stop unsubscribes, according to recent research from Mapp.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted in August 2016 of 1,765 consumers age 18-64 in the United States.

Some 40% of respondents say that even if they had decided to unsubscribe from an email list, but a brand offered to send fewer messages instead, they might be dissuaded from leaving.

Some 35%, however, say nothing could prevent them from unsubscribing, and 20% say more personalized/relevant content might stop them from unsubscribing.

Some 35%, however, say nothing could prevent them from unsubscribing, and 20% say more personalized/relevant content might stop them from unsubscribing.

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Marketing Budgets Predicted To Increase, But What About Email?


Email is a powerful revenue generator, and it is also consumers’ most preferred method of brand communication according to an October study by Bluecore.

Sixty-eight percent of the 1,200 consumers polled by Bluecore across all ages selected email as their most preferred method of contact when communicating with a brand. Email overwhelmingly beat other digital advertising channels in the study, including online ads, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest — which all remained in the single digits.

Email still generates the highest revenue per dollar spent, yet it lags in investment, per an Adestra and eConsultancy study released earlier this year. Brands spend an average of 15% of their marketing budget on email according to the report, although email accounts for 23% of total sales.

When broken down by age, email was the preferred method of communication for 73% of Baby Boomers, 71% of Generation X, 62% of Millennials and 65% of Generation Z.

Sixty-three percent of Gmail users even regularly admitting to checking their ‘promotions’ tab to find brands’ email marketing, according to Bluecore, while 47% responded that they check the tab daily.

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Four Email Marketing Stats That May Make You Alter Your Strategy


Companies who want to reach for success are always finding ways to improve their email marketing strategy. However, if you don’t read up with the statistics, it’s hard to be sure you’re going about it correctly. Every day, the world around email marketing is constantly changing, and it’s important for companies to pay attention.

1. Gender plays a role in the way emails are read

2. CTR are through the roof…if you do your emails correct

3. And, let’s not forget about mobile devices

4. Marketing automation is the best way to stay on top of your email marketing

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Millennials Prefer Email (and Kendrick Lamar)


Millennials check email more often than any other age group, according to a new survey from Adobe Campaign. The study revealed that time spent checking email was up 17 percent year-over-year. The survey also revealed that email is expected to remain the preferred communication method for the next five years.

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Email’s ROI is 122%


Email has a median ROI of 122%, 4x higher than other channels such as social media, direct mail and paid search, according to a new survey by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric. The research also revealed that 80% of agencies think that email marketing is effective and 73% of in-house marketers concur.